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Lawyer Turner
Dallas, TX
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Dallas, TX

Lawyer O. Turner was born on June 11, 1990 in Dallas, TX to Jackie Turner & Barbara Hicks. He has been doing music all of his life. He decided to make singing a lifestyle at the age of 14. On August 22, 2009, he released his first mixtape, LONG WAY HOME, produced by Lokey. This mixtape had the number one hit, KEEP ON PRESSING ON, on it. Long Way Home also included other great tracks such as: Follow Me, If It Wasn't For You, Reliever, & the title track,Long Way Home ft. Lokey.On August 21, 2010 he released his sophomore mixtape titled REDEMPTION, also produced by Lokey. This mixtape has all type of genres on it, of course all glorifying the Lamb. From the nice innocent dreamy jazz song Just Imagine to the grab my attention techno song Why to the outgoing rock-n-roll Venting. This mixtape includes the second hot single Forgiveness, which has a reggae beat. It also has the hit radio single, In Thee on it. Redemption include tracks such as: No More Pain ft. Lokey, Stronger, & Use Me ft. The Hicks Brothers. On December 28, 2010, Lawyer released a continuation to Redemption. This mixtape includes three amazing tracks titled: Press Towards the Mark, You're the Best, & Keep Loving Me.Lawyer is a proud member of the OAK GROVE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH in Dallas, TX(4102 Humphrey Dr.) where his overseer, teacher, & father is Pastor DeWayne Hicks, Sr. & First Lady Barbara Hicks. Lawyer's live appearances are amazing and he gives all glory to God every time he has the opportunity to minister to the people. When asked, "What do you expect people to get from your music." His response is," DELIVERANCE." February of 2012 Lawyer released his first single entitled "Jesus" off of his first album entitled "The Beginning". Lawyer released his first single in August of 2014 "You Deserve More" from his upcoming album entitled "Love, Heart, & Soul", which will release the Summer of 2015. Since then Lawyer has gotten the opportunity to be featured on Da Truth Album "Heart Beat" on the song "Welcome Home", open for artist like Zacardi Cortez, Sunday's Best Tiffany Carlin, sung before John P. Kee, written and arranged songs for other artist. And has continued to sing around the States giving God his praise through genuine worship and praise and just like then when he was a child if you were to ask him what do you expect people to get from your music ministry, he would still answer, "Deliverance"

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