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Magnolia, NJ
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Magnolia, NJ

Real name Tyler Mumford, iiiTeeJay was born and raised in South Jersey, to his African American father and Irish mother. Music has always been the biggest part of his life, raised listening to Jazz, Old School Hip Hop, and Alternative. He has many influences in music and his mission in life is to just be heard. His career in music began as a joke, to make fun of the many artists that always offer people to buy their mixtape. Since then it has grown into a passion of his and he cannot wait to achieve success in the music industry. His first mixtape, Round Tables, is a homage to his high school lunch table (which was round) and the same friends he sat with for the four years, who are now make up the team behind his music. Three of these people are featured as artists on the album. One song on the mixtape, Dreams, led into a follow-up Valentines Day album titled Hold You Over Love (HYOL). The album portrays iiiTeeJay and his love feats with the "girl of his dreams," an imaginary character named "Nya." The album features two of the same artists from Round Tables. As he mentions in many songs, iiiTeeJay does a majority of his music promotion over the internet, which resulted in fans from many different states, and not much acknowledgement in his own town. iiiTeeJay gained some heat and acknowledgement in his town from the release of his diss song, TYB, which was aimed at an artist, King Quon, in Texas, furthermore expanding his listening audience. Coming from a place where music talent is not commonly recognized, he plans to put his city on the map and take care of his family as best he can.

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