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Baltimore, MD
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Baltimore, MD
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Maceo Richard Price III known as "Maceo" is an aspiring American singer, songwriter, dancer, and fashion model. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, during his childhood he showed a passion for the arts. Maceo was enrolled magnet schools where he began to flourish as a singer performing with choirs and in talent shows to build his craft. By the time he got to high school he auditioned for school plays and joined the choral ensemble. He had supporting roles in school musicals and lead songs in the choir. With his help of high school choral teacher Heather Caulton he was able come out of his shell and she helped in cultivate his sound, become aware of different genres of music, and discover that he had a talent for song writing as well. After high school he continued to perform at local talent shows and clubs performing original music as well as auditioning for televised talent competitions such as American Idol, Sunday's Best, X Factor, and Americas Next Top Model Cycle 20. Curently I have an EP titled "Lov3" on iTunes which feautures five songs written by myself and produced by New Jersey's Insane P. I'm doing it all on my own by promoting the project and booking shows to push the project.

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