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Reginald Wrangler
Bradenton, FL
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Bradenton, FL
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Reginald Wrangler, Bradenton, FL native, best known for ushering a new poignant sound that meets at the intersection of country avenue and blues lane with just a splash of "hick hop" an up-tempo bass driven style of country music. Reginald Wrangler has written well over 500 original songs. If you take a few minutes to listen to just a few tracks from Wrangler, you will become an instant fan. His songs are so heart felt, you may think you’ve missed out on a classic that everyone else already knows. However, this West Florida native only started singing country a few years ago. With nothing more than some hard times and soul searching Wrangler admits, country music kind of found him. He weaves a familiarity into
his songs that is more often found in the timeless hits of well-known country artists. There is so much momentum behind Reginald’s “Red, White, and Blue” song which personifies the sacrifice that American soldiers make for us, every day in honor and reverence to the red, white, and blue American flag, that it is set to be the next viral hit. Although Reginald is new to the social media scene his pocket of fans is building which include the very selective Radio syndicated host DJ Bubba the Love Sponge from WBRN 98.7. In this clip Bubba the Love Sponge insists that Reginald be on his show which reaches 244 million listeners per week, see here:

The song is so powerful that it sort of paralyzes you into a patriotic stance that stays with you long after the melody has finished. Sure, we’ve heard a few new edge country artists attempt to combine both worlds but they didn’t resonate in truth like Reginald who stands alone in his uniqueness—that in part comes from his life reinvention since serving time behind bars. Reginald is one campaign away from being the next great viral song and this is an opportunity to get ahead of the eventual stardom of Reginald Wrangler. This song has the impact to inspire a nation and stay in our hearts and tongues forever. As these worlds collide of freedom, food, charity, music, and art we can’t help but wonder if any of the politicians had Reginald Wrangler on their team would there be any reason for the debate or would Reginald powerful song echoing across the stage give them the landslide they need? Characterizing in song what words cannot express—American in unity and solidarity as one nation under God united with our American flag moving toward a brighter future together. Forget Hillary v. Trump, America’s vote will soon be for Reginald Wrangler to rally our nation behind “….that Red, White, and Blue Flag.” There is no denying that Wrangler is truly speaking from passion when it comes to his music. Reginald Wrangler is the type of guy you meet and feel like you’ve known him all your life. His lyrics are comfortable; his story, genuine; his spirit, humble and his talent, undeniable

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