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Stephon René
Minneapolis, MN
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Minneapolis, MN
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Nathaniel Joseph Kennedy, also known as Stephon René, Is a multimedia Powerhouse with extremely humble beginnings.
The well-known rapper Stephon René was born in Port Au Prince Haiti. Adopted by a modest white collar Caucasian family at the approximate age of two and a half, prevented what seemed to be a fated death. Stephon René was in a poor state of health being deathly malnourished with a tape worm in his stomach. His adoption assisted in him defying even death itself. He grew to become a healthy, young man raised in the culture of a Caucasian dominant town.
As a Teenager Stephon René joined Thief River Falls Concert Choir. The choir ran by renowned singer Darcy Reece. Darcy Reece assisted In Stephon’s development in multiple categories such as stage presence, lyrical content, delivery, and more. Darcy also presented Stephon with his first solo performance. Performing alongside Gospel powerhouses names such as Robert Robinson and famous pianist Sam Reeves.
When Stephon moved to Minneapolis at the age of 17 he started building a name for himself performing at small venues in the cities. One of these shows including being on the roster for one of the first all hip hop shows at the Red Sea. At this show, a more experienced Artist and entrepreneur named Malaki took interest in Stephon. Mentoring him for a year in the subjects of music business as well as artist development. Eventually with nothing left to learn they went separate ways but not before collaborating on a song called “Clean Cut guy”.
During an absence from his rap career, he worked on his music and displayed a passion for dance as he created and led a dance crew called Harmonised Diversity. This crew had dancers each specializing in a different style of dance. Examples such as, hip hop, popping, B-boy or breakdancing, J Pop, K Pop, animation, Krumping, and more. Eventually the group disbanded causing Stephon’s artistic focus to be redirected.
In early 2014 Stephon René became a member of a small group called Voices For Change. A group that used various kinds of creative expression to get there story heard. This group facilitated with high schools and colleges alike. Teaching others how to use their voice to be heard. Making it there mission to assist in closing the achievement gap between races in Minnesota schools. The group has made appearances in several Minnesota teacher workshops and they worked with groups such as SEED, YAR, and more.
Arguably, His greatest achievement with his positive and enlightening music would be that he became the first-ever non Page scholar to perform at the Alan Page education foundation. Alan Cedric Page was at the time, an associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and is in the Minnesota Viking Hall of Fame.
In early July, Stephon launched His Own development label called Flow Motion Productions. In this label he currently is showcasing; Singer Stacey Alfaro, Dancer DeeZee, Rapper Smoke Diamond, Model Emmy Bakke and many more.
On July 30 2014, shortly after he launched his own record label, Stephon René made a surprise appearance as an opener for Bone Crusher. (Bone Crusher is best known for his song "Never Scared".) For this performance, Stephon René and DeeZee performed a Bone Breaking and popping routine to a Dubstep remix of Bonecrusher's song "never scared". These two also assisted Bonecrusher close out his last song with even more popping and bone breaking. Since then, Stephon has also become a manager for Team BNT Music Group as well as performed with Domo Wilson and Many more.
Stephon René’s recognized motto is “OK OK Stephon René!” Even Domo Wilson herself can be found on video chanting it with him to crowd of fans.
An intriguing trait this artist has is his devotion to assist Minnesotans of all styles of artistic expression dedicate and apply themselves to their own heart longing dreams.
Stephon René, humbly born In Port au prince Haiti. Without even knowledge of his true birthday, head held high managed to become quite the admiration worthy rapper. He honed his skills as a dancer, singer, rapper, choreographer, manager, and entrepreneur. Yet his ambition continues to pave his path attempting to peak his already notable yet never ending potential.

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