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Molly Moore
Los Angeles, CA
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Los Angeles, CA

Molly Moore’s love for music always extended past the surface. As a young kid in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY, she knew her path would be to become both an artist and a songwriter.
“I loved pop music so much,” she says. “As soon as I figured out big songs on the radio were written by songwriters, I became obsessed with who wrote what and wanting to write for other people.”
Growing up with a working musician father and “chiropractor mom who sings,” there was no shortage of music around the house. As she became inspired by everything from Simon & Garfunkel and John Mayer to Britney Spears, she simultaneously immersed herself in acting—landing commercials and even a role in The Notorious Bettie Page. Driven by a dynamic voice and impeccable knack for a hook, her music began receiving a bevy of high-profile placements, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, Bad Girls Club, Real World, Saturday Night Live, Dance Moms, Best Ink, the film Underdogs, and many more.
Switching gears, she spent two years solely focused on writing music for other artists. This resulted in collaborating on hits such as Felix Cartal’s “Ready for Love” and Dubvision’s “Hollow.”
“I didn’t create for myself for two years,” she affirms. “I needed to have this experience in order to get back to my project. It gave me a different perspective, and I began to grasp the art of songwriting even more.”
Watching her boyfriend, artist and producer Brandyn Burnette, play shows and record proved to be a catalyst for her own artistry. Soon after, Molly started diligently crafting what would become her 2015 EP, Shadow of the Sun, and fashioning a distinct style.
“My music is honest, and it comes from a real place,” she goes on. “Some people might be afraid to admit they feel a certain way or that things suck sometimes, so I try to connect with them. I want to break down that barrier and keep it real. I’m inspired by classic songwriters, so there’s always that influence, while production-wise, I like to go a little left-of-center. I hear something in my head and go with it.”
The EP’s first single “Peace of My Heart” sees her voice breathe life into cinematic production, cycling from soft verses into a robust refrain. “’Peace of My Heart’ was our way of describing the trust you give somebody when you give them your love,” she admits. “You’re not only giving them your love; you’re allowing them to have control over your emotions. It’s like letting somebody into that sanctuary of your calm and serenity. You’re giving up control, and that’s really hard. It happens in every relationship whether it’s romantic or not.”
The title Shadow of the Sun speaks to her journey, balancing writing for other artists and her personal career. “It’s about finding that light inside of you somehow,” she continues. “At the end of the day, we have to look internally to feel motivated and inspired to live the life we want to live.”
Molly delivers an uplifting honesty whether she’s writing for herself or others. “I’d like people to feel empowered when they listen to one of my songs,” she leaves off. “A lot of times, it’s easy to get distracted by life. I want to show that we all go through so much darkness, but the only reason is to get to the light.”

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