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Banda Calypso
Brazil, NY
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Brazil, NY
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Banda Calypso is a Brazilian band of calipso and cheesy pop, with influences from regional rhythms of state. The group was formed in Belem do Para, in 1999, the Joelma Mendes singer and guitarist and producer Cledivan Farias Almeida, better known as Chimbinha. Earlier disclosure of the work was restricted only to areas north and northeast of Brazil. The band is now enjoying success in Brazil and begins to establish his career abroad with tours to the United States, Latin America and Angola.

Even with prejudice by their musical genre and its origins, the band became the absolute leader in bandage CDs and DVDs 2000s, approximately 22 million records sold, approximately 15 million albums and over 6 million DVDs distributed on Brazilian soil, making it one of the bands record-breaking sales in the country, the only one in Brazil to have a DVD Quintuple Diamond.

Winner of several awards, the Banda Calypso was nominated three times for Grammy Latino.

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