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Annette Conlon
Los Angeles, CA
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Los Angeles, CA
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Annette Conlon is an American Roots artist with a Country bent. Performing with a full band, duo, or solo she captivates audiences everywhere. While the lyrics are raw and emotion-provoking, Annette’s beloved voice is the unforgettable through line. Notes, “When you hear Annette Conlon's vocals, it's hard not to think about Judy Collins and Emmylou Harris.” A five star review in Country Music People states, “Annette Conlon has given us 15 remarkable songs. She emerges at once as a major talent.” Her album LIFE, DEATH, AND THE SPACES BETWEEN is earning radio play in the U.S. and Europe, and American Roots market. “Annette Conlon has created a moving, intimate, magical, melodic country trip.” - Country Music People

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