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Rain is a singer & songwriter a New Orleans native that started singing at the age of 5yrs old. Singing in the church choir and school talent shows she always tried to keep her voice trained by continuing to sing in as many activities as she could. Rain always loved gospel music but always felt that R&B music was her passion. Rain starting writing her own songs at the age of 13yrs old. At the age of 19yrs old Rain has sung hooks for local rappers in New Orleans and decided by the age of 21yrs old it was time to record her own songs. Rain did a Demo Album and started performing at Birthday Parties, Weddings, and the House of Blues in New Orleans. Rain singing career was going really well until Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005 all of her music she wrote and recorded got destroyed. So Rain Relocated to Dallas, TX it took Rain a while to get back where she was with her music because it took her a while to get comfortable with the new state where she was. Rain started back writing songs in 2010 for local artist in Dallas and of course for herself. Rain started performing in open mic nights, weddings, church, and birthday parties. Rain didn’t want to ever give up and she always wanted to make her dream a reality not just for herself but also for her family and city. So now after 9yrs in Dallas Rain has had a lot of lost in her family with losing her Mother, Grandmother’s, Aunts, and Uncle. Rain is a living testimony that you should never give up always follow your dreams no matter what obstacles may come your way. What you will be hearing from Rain is her unique notes in her voice filled with passion, soul and that real R&B music that her generation have been missing. Rain has worked very hard on her first R&B Mix Album by reinventing herself giving you all of her swagger, classiness, sexiness, cool & laid back, and just being honest attitude. So she hopes you enjoy what you’re about to hear. God Bless!!!

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