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Vanna Moua
Loudon, TN
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Loudon, TN

As an aspiring 19 year old Pop/RnB Artist and singer-songwriter, I strive to break down racial barriers in the entertainment industry by creating and inspiring through my music. It is what I'm passionate about! I have a vision for my music and I execute that by producing and writing my own songs. I have over 17,000+ YouTube subscribers and over a million views. I believe in artistry, creativity, hard-work, goals for success, good vibes, good entertainment and most importantly good music! Creating music and performing are my outlets, my passions, and my life! We all know that the struggles & challenges can be real...but so is God. My faith is close to my heart and I believe that if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough! Being Asian-American, I've never witnessed Asian artists accepting awards on the Grammys or on the Billboard awards, AMAs etc, but I'm so passionate about changing that. I believe it has yet to happen because it's my destiny to be the change that I wish to see. I want to inspire those who feel as if they are at a disadvantage because their ethnicity may be a minority. I want to show the world that skin color, where you come from, or the language you speak should not matter when chasing your dreams. I strive to make music that will empower, inspire and express and I aspire to make huge waves in this industry, all I need is one chance!

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