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Naked In Public
Ashland, OR
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Ashland, OR

NAKED IN PUBLIC is the brainchild of bassist/vocalist/songwriter Doug Fergus, whose passionate hobby is heating and air conditioning.

As a child, Doug was fascinated with his Grandparent’s record collection. He absorbed the 60’s sounds of Glen Campbell, Barbara Streisand and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Mix in some Red Hot Chile Peppers, toss in some Beatles, Weird Al Yankovic, Talking Heads, the B-52’s and the Police; you begin to see where the songwriting influences come from.

Doug got the music bug at age 18 while serving in the US Air Force. Next he spent 4 years a Los Angeles area pop rock band, Split Image; which was signed to Kim Richards’ label, Allied Artists Records.

The next four year period saw Doug in the Sacramento area band, Salamander. Even though they had BMI documented commercial radio play and a CD in stores, Doug decided to leave the “typical Alt/rock sound” band to start his own project of fun, quirky, uplifting songs.

Moving to Southern Oregon, Doug was bored out of his mind one night at a classic rock jam session. That was the “camel that broke the donkey’s back”. Within 1 year, Doug had completed a collection of 16 original songs at world renowned, multi gold and platinum record producer Sylvia Massy’s Lithia Hall Recording studio.

NAKED IN PUBLIC is a metaphor for exposing your inner self to the world with no sense of shame or remorse. Heartwarming and fun-filled; poignant and profound all at the same time, NIP delivers irresistible - gems, ditties, and jingles disguised as alternative pop/rock.

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