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Devi Franco
Indianapolis , IN
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Indianapolis , IN
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Devi Franco formerly known as Deven J has created his own sound which is allowing him to stand out among other local artist and be in a lane of his own culminating an array of music into a feel-good soundtrack for all from pre-gaming to after-parties. His formula is quite simple: make music that people actually want to hear inspired by the world through his eyes.

Devi Franco started out in Indianapolis Indiana where he worked along side the credited writers of Blame It On The Alcohol; John Conte and Nate Walker. Becoming a dominant house-hold name in his own right, he was the featured artist in the second issue of Showoff Magazine right as he moved out to Denver in 2010 to expand and master the style of electro, dub step, pop and hiphop all into one.

His explanation for the move was that Denver is one of only a handful of entertainment markets that has a growing music following and the opportunities are endless. "People truly respect an artists creativity out here. I enjoy reaching in different levels that no other people think of..Great sound with a twist of my own taste is what I love to bring to make everybody love what I'm doing."

He moved back to Indianapolis Indiana In 2012 which he has then been a long side of his Manager who has pushed the stakes higher which has moved him closer to getting a deal into the industry. He currently has features by two high caliber artist such as Houston's platinum artist T Wayne and Grammy nominated Juicy J.

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