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Madison Ray
Des Moines, IA
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Des Moines, IA

Madison Ray has been compared to Jamiroquai, CeeLo Green, Terrance Trent D'Arby, Bruce Hornsby, with a touch of Michael Jackson. Musically, he has been crafting a sound he lovingly calls Stanque Pop, an eclectic blend of Rock, Soul, Jazz and Funk under the umbrella of Pop music.
He brings a refreshing sincerity to the stage and asserts his individuality while drawing upon the universality of the human condition and his artistic experiences around the globe. He has been trained by Johnny Contardo of ShaNaNa and has performed with the likes of: Aaron Carter, Mya, Latin Grammy winner Nestor Torres, Christopher the Conquered, the River Monks, Little Ruckus, prettygirlhatemachine, Gloom Balloon, Tokyo's KAZOKU, Crunk Witch, Freakabout!, Dominique Morgan, Planet Booty, Ellis Hall of Tower of Power, Martha Wash, and Victor Wooten.
Madison expresses himself on many stages from Japan to the United States, whether they are fashion shows, night clubs, festivals, or even the theater. His favorite experience so far is his run as Tom Collins in RENT, which noted Madison as, "a standout performer." Never disparaging history and the classics, he has also jumped into the world of opera to develop his artistic depth, working with the Des Moines Metro Opera.
His work includes, an EP known as "The Revolution, Vol. 1," a full length album with All the Single Ladies titled "Starship to Mars" as well as the records "Aviators," "LOVE," and "Diamonds."
He never looks back and is always focused on what he's creating next, being motivated by passion and what he loves. "When I have nothing else," sings Madison, "I have love!"

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