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Dani Singh
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Orlando, FL
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Dani Singh | Singer & Songwriter
Persistency. Anyone with the ability to steadily pursue their craft and passion knows what it means to be persistent. Pouring out an immense amount of sweat and tears, any artist who possesses this trait in their journey on the road less traveled, deserves every bit of recognition that they receive. That trait – amongst many more – can be found in R&B songstress, Danielle Singh.

Born in New York to a Caribbean mother and southern father, Danielle has been creatively gifted since a young child. Exposed to acting, modeling, ballet and instruments at the mere age of four, it was her excessively religious mother who was determined to give her and her siblings the best upbringing possible. Enrolled in private school for majority of her life in Orlando, Florida, it was there that she was able to tap into her musical expertise, as she took on the role as choir director of many of the sections available at the school and church. Working day in and day out to hone in on her crafts, Dani – as she is often called – was on the path to stardom without any clue. Although her mother’s strict Christian upbringing kept her sheltered from anything other than creative activities, her high school years brought on a silver lining. Finally convincing her mother to let her transfer over into the public school system, the singer was then exposed to a life that she would soon make her own.

Choosing to hit the studio on the weekends and continue singing in the choir instead of joining other friends at the movies, Dani’s dream of singing R&B came to surface. With a full push from her mother to use her God-given talents, it wouldn’t be long before she saw that her gift was more than just something she would be doing in her spare time. While some artists make music just a phase, Danielle has dedicated her entire life to her craft. Upon graduating high school, the diva in the making decided that following the path of her peers and working a typical 9-5 wasn’t her style.

Crediting her religious background to where she stands as an artist today, the eccentric singer/songwriter has become one of Florida’s most sought after writers. “There was a time when I would just go sit in the studio because I knew people would come in looking for hooks,” she states. Encountering major artists such as Lil Wayne and more during her studio sessions, it was no guess that Dani was on the right path to making her dreams come true. Using platforms such as Myspace Music and YouTube to reach audiences, the young and vibrant artist has been steadily working throughout the years to create a brand like none other. Though the years have brought on a few failed attempts with teams that have neglected to have her best interest in mind, Dani finally found a home with her current company creative team where she has been steadily working to build her brand and become the spokeswoman for all hearts. Since then, she has appeared on a mini-city tour opening up for Rick Ross as well as rubbed shoulders with the elite at the BET Awards. Continuing to build her résumé, the singer has collaborated with Reggae artist Junior Reid and rapper Haitian Fresh as they performed along side some of the generation’s biggest artists during Obama’s Presidential Elect campaign in Miami.

Sticking strong to her roots and watering the eyes of the every room she lets her big voice into, Dani Singh is the epitome of dedication. Through all of the trials and triumphs, she continues to devote herself to the music and her fans. “I feel like I can be that home girl to the quiet girl who has nobody to talk to. I feel like I can sing that one line to let you know that we are going through the same thing – we are the same person. I have the ability to reach people and to tell stories,” she gushes about her music.

With her debut EP slated to be released in the first half of 2014, there’s no doubt that the world will hear and relate through her voice with the first track that they hear. On the heels of such big accomplishments and pending projects underway, the world can expect nothing short of amazing to fall in their minds once they’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dani Singh.

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