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Newark, NJ
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James Aaron Foster, better known as A-natural, has come a long way since his beginnings as a novice singer/songwriter in Plainfield, New Jersey. With his jazz and gospel-singing mother, and songwriter-musician father, A-natural seemed destined for a path down a musical journey. Deciding at a young age to embark on this journey, he began writing song after song using an old tape recorder, a multitrack keyboard, and his drum pad. He would constantly find any moment to create music whether it be with his friends or by singing in choirs at school and church. Eventually, he became much more involved in the production process with his parents and began recording more frequently in various studios around New Jersey.

After high school and a few semesters in college, A-natural began to branch out and produce and record music for various artists he’d met along the way, ultimately creating his first company Beat Switch Productions, an independent gospel label and music production company, which produced several solo gospel albums for himself and the six other artists under the Beat Switch brand as well as an extensive catalogue of music for his lifelong friend and singer Glenn Adams, better known as Lenny Harold.

As time passed, more and more music was created, yet the audience seemed to grow stagnant. Realizing that the local gospel circuit was just a starting ground for his music, A-natural decided to expand his reach and went for a more global approach to his sound. A chance meeting at a temp-job connected him with BlockStars Production Studios, a full-service music production studio and artist development company. At BlockStars, A-natural assisted in the development and management of several independent artists who are now viable candidates for industry signings. He was also able to gain the attention of major industry players ranging from EMI Music Publishing and Motown Records to being involved in feature film projects and more.

Most recently, A-natural and Lenny Harold have created a movement of artists who have thrown caution to the wind in this unpredictable music industry. This movement, Reckless Abandon, hopes to prove, not just to record labels, but to the world, that music is more than a commodity, but art. More of a “collective” rather than a label, Reckless Abandon embodies all creative aspects of entertainment including music, visuals, fashion and social media. With several music videos shot and directed by A-natural and Lenny Harold, the first phase of the Reckless Abandon movement has begun.

Currently, A-natural is traveling the country, working with various artists and producers, expanding not just his network, but also his unique sound. His unmatched vocal production has come into high demand and has caught the attention of such legends as Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men, LaShawn Daniels, Vincent Herbert, Polow Da Don, and Teddy Riley. With opportunities like these, A-natural is sure to make a lasting mark on today’s music industry, not just as an artist, songwriter, and producer, but as a visionary.

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